Author Topic: SecureAPlus Beta v4.1.1  (Read 7274 times)

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SecureAPlus Beta v4.1.1
« on: October 27, 2015, 10:55:17 AM »
We have just released the new SecureAPlus Beta v4.1.1.

There are several bugs fixed regarding to the new UI, and some minor enhancement.

Bugs fixed:
- New UI was not compatible with Windows XP
- New UI, manual scanner, maximized and restored buttons issue.
- In Windows XP, Windows Explorer context menu icon was truncated.

- Shorten main console.
- Exclude network drive during initial whitelist
- Fixed left panel width for manual scanner, so it will not be resized when maximized.
- Supports higher resolution SecureAPlus tray icon for Windows Vista onwards.