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Round 1 Testing: On-demand scanner non-uniform behaviour


As I posted before in this thread:,173.0.html, the reply was that progress bar will be shown for file upload operations.

However, I found out that isn't the case. Here are 4 screenshots to help me explain:!5219&authkey=!AFo0s37xxPHforw&ithint=folder%2c

scanning with bar: Progress bar appears for this file even though it's not uploading. It says "Scanning..."
after scanning with bar: Like a normal scan. Number of uploaded files remain at 0.
uploading exe: expected behaviour; Progress bar appears and says "Uploading..."
after uploading exe: expected behaviour; After uploading, number of uploaded files increases to 1.

So, is the file in the first screenshot being uploaded? If not, then the progress bar appeared unexpectedly.

You are right, we have to correct our previous statement.
We actually shows progress bar if the file that is being scanned is large ( > 50,000,000 Bytes). This is to show that the scanning is in progress. Without the progress bar, the user may think that it freeze, or not working, because the scanning may take some time to complete.
For small files, for speed optimization, we don't show any progress bar during scanning. Each small file will take very small amount of time to complete, so the user can easily notice that it works.
For uploading, we always show progress bar regardless of the file size. Since internet speed may be unpredictable, uploading small file may also take some time to complete.

Well, so instead of creating another thread, may I suggest that the progress bar be shown no matter what? I don't think it requires much CPU time, especially since computers are so powerful now. People might assume that without the progress bar, nothing was done.

Thank you for the suggestion. We will be considering this. As there are no further comments on this thread after awhile I will be closing this as of Round 1 testing.

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