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Round 1 Testing: The UI is too big for my screen (1366x768)


Rupesh Joshi:
I Have installed the beta program and using this for a while now the only problem I found is the UI is too big for my resolution.

Maybe a smaller UI or a re- sizable UI would be great.

Have a look

Marcin RaczyƄski:
I have 1366x768 LCD and Beta window of SAP is doesn't fit into desktop. To be more precise part of it is hidden behind taskbar and I can't resize it even.

Somebody noticed the same? :(

Rupesh Joshi:
Its been suggested already here,171.0.html


--- Quote from: Rupesh Joshi on October 21, 2015, 05:18:58 PM ---Its been suggested already here,171.0.html

--- End quote ---

EDIT: Merged both topics together and placed under Bug Reports as this behavior is actually unintentional.

We appreciate this being highlighted. We have made the appropriate changes and will make it available at a soon to be released Beta Update.

Thanks for all your feedback.

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