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ClamAV - HP K5400dtn driver EXE flagged as a worm


Michael Simms:
Initial Full System scan after install flagged this one up. It's clearly a false-positive. HP Printer driver package version 8.3 for K5400dtn OfficeJet Pro. A good few years old and never flagged by any previous AV packages I've used.

File: C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\{AD277ED4-7E41-4074-911D-D34AF41B9D49}\setup\hpzrcn01.exe

Result: Win.Worm.Tenga-86 detected by ClamAV

SecureAPlus v3.4.1
Signature version 20868, Wed 02 Sep 05:37:09 2015

OS: Vista Business SP2 32-bit.

I've set it to ignore for now.

EDIT - More details about the driver package. It's the basic feature set without the full digital imaging software.

--- Quote ---Details
The Basic Feature software solution is a driver-only software solution intended for users who want a basic print driver to use with their HP device. This software installation can be used on PC's which do not meet the minimum system requirements necessary to install the Full Featured software solution.
File name: OJProK5X00_Basic_8_3.exe
Release details
Released: Sep 19, 2008
Version 8.0.2
Fix and enhancements
Possible loss of print job when printing from simplex and duplex mode.
Unexpected closure of Microsoft Office PowerPoint application.
Resolve compatibility issue with Slovak, Catalan and Thai language Windows Vista OS
--- End quote ---

Download link from HP servers - (released September 19th 2008)


Thank you for reporting this. We have flagged the file as FP.

Michael Simms:
No problems, thanks for flagging it.


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