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Since you are creating a new gui, would it be possible to password protect the settings/security of the software? I run all my machines in administrator and would love to have that option because I would like to install it on my family members pc's because I think it's a rock solid piece of software. If it's pw protected they can't disable protection.

You can actually doing the following to achieve the same thing:
- Create a new Windows administrator account, let's say SecureAPlus, and protect it with password.
- Modify the Managed User Rights, remove the administrators from the trusted groups, and add SecureAPlus to the trusted users list.
In this case, only the person that can login as SecureAPlus, can modify the SecureAPlus settings.

The reason why I want settings/gui pw protected is I can install it on my kids pc (or any basic user) in lockdown mode and they won't be able to disable it or change any settings. I do this with NoVirusThanks EXE Radar and it works great! If I am understanding you the only person allowed to change settings would be the person using that account? I'm a tad confused lol I will try that on a VM soon.

Actually that is exactly according to what you want.
Non-trusted account user by default will be set to lockdown mode, and they don't have the right to switch to other mode.

Can this be done in XP?


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