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Universal AV low detection

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--- Quote from: Petrovic on July 30, 2014, 11:55:54 AM ---
Samples should be detected  immediately and not after an hour or more

Another example of:

It turns out if you turn off ClamAV - Universal AV practically useless when detected samples?
Detection of an hour)))
This is bad :o

--- End quote ---

Hi petrovic, Pedersen and Yuki,

We truly understand all of your concerns. Actually the immediate file upload and immediate scan in the cloud is in our development pipeline for future enhancement. Once the immediate cloud scan engine is ready, we will release a beta version for testing. That is the reason why we are still keeping the beta program alive because of several new features we are going to introduce gradually over time.

As of now,  SecureAPlus only supports batch scanning, i.e. full scan of all files, including the new files,  that we have collected, are performed continuously in the batch scanning. This is to detect malware that was not previously classified as malware but are detected later when virus signature and AV engines in the cloud are updated.

Thank sinlam!

Thanks too!
Your explanation addressed a concern which I've been had from beta, but I couldn't told you well thanks to my vocabulary limitation.
I'm looking forward to new beta which has real-time scanning. Very good!

Hi Petrovic and Yuki,
You are most welcome :)

Don't worry about your limited vocabulary, Yuki ;) You have given some great suggestions so far :)


--- Quote from: sinlam on July 31, 2014, 03:05:25 AM ---For samples bigger than 10 MB, you can upload via ftp to<user_id>. <user_id> is your login id for SecureAPlus Beta Portal.

--- End quote ---
Does not work


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