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Can't disable McAfee engine


Is there a way to disable McAfee engine? I don't like McAfee coz of false positive.Also in future thee is a possibility to select/deselect engines? I can't disable other AV engines beside a few.

Currently we only allow a few engines to be disabled based on false positive report from our users. We may consider to add McAfee as one of them if it has a lot of false positive too. I will discuss this with other team members. Thank you for your input.

I notice when i deselect McAfee engine or all Engines it says " some engines r not allowed to disable " but after i close UI & reopen it i see all engines r disabled. Is this a bug coz u said before currently not all AV engines r allowed to deselect? Thnx
screenshots -

We are sorry for the confusion caused. After the discussion about your request, we've opened up the restriction from the server side. Now you can disable any AV engines, but we haven't updated the client yet. This mean that actually the engine is disabled accordingly, but the client is still giving the warning message. You can ignore the warning message at the moment. We will update the client in the next release.

ok bro, thnx  ;)


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