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Universal AV Upload
« on: July 30, 2014, 02:24:40 AM »
The submitt function.. how does this exactly work.

Hi jaybrooks76,

For the submit function, are you referring to the file upload to Universal AV server?

Perhaps let me explain when will the file upload to Universal AV server arises.

1. Initial Full System Scan
After successful installation of SecureAPlus, the full system scan will start to scan through the computer hard disk and put all the existing applications on your computer to a trusted list. Then the fingerprints (hashes) of the trusted applications list will be uploaded to the Universal AV server for scanning. If the server detects that it does not have the sample of an application, it will automatically upload the actual application to the server. This is only one-time upload. Once virus is detected, user will be notified.

2. New Applications or updates
If there is any newly installed or created applications or updates, the fingerprints (hashes) of these new applications will be uploaded automatically for scanning. If Universal AV detects that it does not have the sample file, it will upload the actual application automatically. Again, this is only one-time upload.

3. Complete Scan
When you click on the "Complete Scan" , if there is any new file fingerprints (hashes), it will upload them before it performs the complete scanning. This is also only one-time upload.

I am on a 3G connection and sending data cost money. I need to have a better control of this feature.. I do love the software however

You can set the daily upload limit that best fit your existing connection plan by doing the following:

1. Click on "Settings" at SecureAPlus Main Console.

2. Select your preferred upload limit and then click on "Apply". For your connection plan, you may want to consider setting the daily upload limit to 10MB.

Note: The file upload size is counted based on the uploading of sample files. It does not include the file fingerprints (hashes) submission and the data that we use to communicate with the server as this amount should be relatively small.

If you do not wish to upload any file fingerprints (hashes) temporarily but you still want the real-time protection from Universal AV, you can choose to "Disable Upload". But the upload will be enabled once the computer is rebooted.

Hope this helps to answer your query. Please feel free to ask if you need further clarification.

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